Black Hawk Mines : The Game Barcelona World Race Goes Online

The race for the Barcelona Word Race is going to be able to go from virtual game tool named “The Game Barcelona World Race.”

It is a proprietary product developed from 2D-3D FNOB conjunction with the University Pompeu Fabra. It has sought to support the Catalan scientific community and research at the university, using the latest technology. It is a standalone product that can be used on more races and be in constant evolution and improvement.

The game Barcelona world race aims to bring the realism of a race of its kind to players entering different values ever seen in a sailing online game simulating the navigation of the fleet and the competition between real and virtual.

It has a multi-language and educational game with its educational content; this is free software where players compete under the same conditions.

The game has an interface that displays 2D and virtual ships, you have total control of the boat during the race so that we can change sails, put curls (online only game of its kind that provides up to 5 different candle and curls), namely speed, change course and put up three different types of autopilots.

Also displays the current weather and forecast up to 48 hours light served by UGRIB Company, these provisions shall be those who have real ships participating in the race. On the map, we can see points of interest with videos and images that help to keep the real race and see different educational articles in the Barcelona World Race.

Also for the first time in an online sailing game, there is an interface 3D (thanks to Google O3D plugin) where we see the boat on actual weather conditions (waves, day / night, wind, skylines, storms …) according to their position in the world.

The virtual race director, Manel Pedreira report any change in the race, strategy or recommendations related to the weather.

Will provide a site to manage user profiles and to review statistics of the players, look at the challenges and achievements accomplished in the race. There will also be the possibility of creating mini-leagues to compete with other virtual players.

To facilitate communication among participants, will be connected to the network from the game’s Facebook page and the web forum, so the player can share and participate in the network to its successes, links, tips and reviews.

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